Naughty Girl Tank Dress O/S. Welcome to Your Naughty Side. Sex has no boundaries and neither does the focus of Beverly Hills Naughty Girl. All the apparel in the line is meant to bring fantasy to life and give women an array of designs and outfits to enhance her sexual character and elicit her sexual mood. This is a sexy and seemingly innocent looking dress, but is far from being innocent. It was designed with you in mind, the daring and surprising and sexy girl. From the first view it seems to be an innocent and ordinary dress, but viewed from the back, your partner will become in a total arousing mode. This dress designed by Beverly Hills Naughty Girl, is a seamless dress and made of strong and durable Nylon and Spandex filaments, and has a strong stretch and recovery that you and your partner can enjoy for a long time. Very comfortable and soft, very agile, and will not hinder or slow down any of your movements. One size fits most. Ladies90 pounds to 160 pounds. Fabric content 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex. Washing instructions hand wash warm water. Drip dry. Do not iron. For long durability and enjoyment of this dress, follow the washing instructions. Categories: Lingerie, Clothing, Naughty Role Play, Chemises and Mini Dresses. 2024.

Material: Nylon, Spandex

Color: Black

Barcode: 809565035027


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