Skinsations Latin Lover series from Hott Product Papi Chulo 6.5 inches Brown Dildo from Hott Products Unlimited. Skinsations Latin Lover Series. When you want to experience the ultimate in realistic sexual encounters, Skinsations Latin Lover series will satisfy your every need. Some of the amazing features include strategic contoured design, enhanced shape head, pronounced veins, and ultra soft realistic like skin. These realistic skin dildo is absolutely look and feel like the real thing! Comes complete with super suction cup base which will stick to nearly any smooth, flat surface for a passionate pounding good time! Pull it out, stick it on and let the pounding begin!. Skin sensations feel. Realistic dildo comes with slightly curved shaft, a mushroom head followed by thick veins on the slender shaft for added stimulation. Phthalate free materials Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE. Suction cup base for solo use. Just stick on to any flat surface. Or couple use o-ring harness. Only use the stretchy rings. Metal ones may pinch the skin and damage it. A water based personal lubricant is recommended. Always clean beofre and after use. Pat dry before storing. Categories: Dildos, Dongs, Realistic Large Dildos, Dildos and Dongs Realistic. 2023.

Material: Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE

Color: Brown

Barcode: 818631029952


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